Venice, CA
2002 (Design)
Custom Single Family – Prefab Steel Panel Building

One of the owners of this modest home on a small lot in Venice is a wood worker who relied on the existing garage on this site as his primary workspace. With this came the need to compress the down time of his shop space. After reviewing many options, we focused on a factory that produced a prefab steel panel building. The system utilized patented, factory-fabricated steel framing elements comprised of wall, truss and roof panels that rapidly bolt together in the field creating a structurally superior building shell.

The design took full advantage of the system’s flexibility while maintaining the economy of the plan module. The prefab steel panels were thought of as an overlapping shell that eroded and opened to the adjacent outdoor space. Throughout the interior, the steel structural system is exposed, the trusses and roof panels remain visible and key areas of wall panel are covered with translucent plastic allowing light to filter through the cross braced steel structure.