Inglewood, CA
2005 (Design)
24-unit Affordable Housing (Community Land Trust)

Developed for a non-profit affordable housing agency in Inglewood, this twenty-four-unit housing project aims to develop identity by providing a village atmosphere.

Each unit has a circulation spine connecting the front door to the open space and linking all the program spaces within the unit. This spine and other building elements are combined to form five basic unit types, which are then scattered throughout the project. This allows for the development of a varied building section and elevations with a minimum level of complexity. Helping to defile the assembly of pieces and unit types is the variation of color and material. The main masses of the building are two colors of stucco while metal siding is used to illustrate the circulation elements.

Throughout the courtyard and exterior spaces, a wood scrim wall element serves to knit the public spaces together. The wood elements bend and fold to become benches, canopies, screens and guardrails as well as define programmatic spaces within the courtyard including a children’s play area and community room.