Brooks Ave Two

Brooks Avenue Two

Venice, CA
2 unit SLS
Photography:  Tom Bonner

This project was a speculative development of two adjacent single-family residences. Starting with an already narrow Venice lot, this parcel was then subdivided down the middle to allow pedestrian access from the front and vehicle access from the alley. This resulted in two houses that are 15’ wide and 105’ long with three parking spaces. The abundant length of the building allowed the creation of a central courtyard to help get natural lighting into all parts of the building.

Given the speculative nature of the development, the project needed to do as much as possible with inexpensive materials and therefore build an expression with natural finishes, color and detail. The sculptural center stair was made of glass and repetitive laser-cut steel stair treads to add scale and detail. Subtle color changes help to delineate interior and exterior forms.