Claudia Endler Designs

Jewelry Cases
Los Angeles, CA.
(4) 18” x 18” x 14” table cases and
(3) 14” x 14” x 14” pedestal cases with
(2) 42” high and (1) 36” high pedestals.
Mixed Media: Painted MDF, plexiglass, stainless steel lighting supports, halogen bulbs.

Graphic Design
Los Angeles, CA.
Various sizes and medium.

Claudia Endler is a jewelry designer whose work combines the principles of art, design and architecture to create unique and modern jewelry. Claudia uses proportion and contrast in her designs and works to bring each piece to its minimum and purest form.

Along with the 2D graphic identity package of business cards, postcards, website and catalog design, Telemachus Studio designed and fabricated the jewelry cases that represent Claudia Endler and her work. Constructed of painted MDF and plexiglass, the cases integrate point-source xenon lighting for the jewelry. The design for the cases incorporates a clean, elegant and minimal approach to best house the modern jewelry creations by Claudia Endler.

The print graphics and website designs for CED reflect these same design principles in creating clean, elegant designs to effectively promote the jewelry that they advertise. Among the marketing graphics are business cards, postcards, trade show banners, catalogs and website.