Hollywood, CA
Custom Single Family Remodel
Photography: Tom Bonner

A complete remodel and expansion of an existing residence near the Hollywood sign. The existing house was a two-story rectangular box set at the center of the site and oriented along the street with one story above and one story below street level. A multitude of overlapping planning constraints limit the building height, building area, lot coverage, and require the inclusion of 4 parking spaces – all on a very challenging down-sloping site.

We chose to maintain the square footage of the existing building, wrapping it on both sides with new building area, utilizing the entire site along the street front. From the street level it was important to retain the one story character of the house, so a new roof was developed as a folded element to unify the house, form an entry, provide privacy from the adjacent houses and direct the views. The added program is expressed as box-like elements, inserted into an extension of the existing footprint. And below the house, a new swimming pool is set into the hillside.