Umbria, Italy
20” x 20” x 1 ½”
Laser cut stainless steel, hardware, keys

The Journey project looks to understand a specific formative experience and how that experience comes forward, in ways that are not entirely clear, to affect everything that comes after.

Specifically, the project reflects on a year of studying art and architecture in Florence Italy by Telemachus Studio members Melynda Eccles and Carl Smith. The project looks to build both contrast and similarity to their current living and working environment in Los Angeles by looking through the prism of interaction with the historic, layered, urban form of Florence.

This experience is codified into a language of lines and nodes, embedded in the subconscious, then pulled forward and forced to interact with the current personal and professional existence. Personal experience, then, is treated like a found object, with new experiences relating/reacting/incorporating that which came before.