Huntington Beach, CA
Custom Single Family Remodel
Photography: Tom Bonner

This was a remodel of an existing 19-foot wide, 30-foot high single-family row house. Prior to the remodel, it was identical to its immediate neighbor to the north. The intent with this project was to transform the entire house with a targeted remodel and limited budget, which had to be done within the very tight limits on lot coverage, allowable floor area and building mass.

The interior stair was reconfigured with exposed steel stringers, plank treads and a third-floor bridge to increase the openness between the levels without taking away floor area. Multi-wall translucent plastic on the three-story stair wall brings in light. The slanted interior accent wall is used to knit the existing spaces together and enhance the vertical connectedness. On the exterior, the massing of the front of the building was specifically manipulated to break up the typical building layers and Ipe siding is used to ‘float’ upper portion of the building from its base.